We choose frames for our pictures that display immense sentimental value with care and dignity. Frames for various items like prints, maps, and collectibles are chosen with regard to their origin. However, the expensive artwork you have invested so much of your money, time, and heart into acquiring requires something far more inspiring. At ART of FRAMING in Flemington, NJ we offer fine art framing that treats your artwork with the dignity and respect it deserves. 

Our precision-trained specialists use extreme care when handling your fine art. We utilize clean room and white glove methods to best protect your investments. Our facility is climate controlled to eliminate humidity. We are experts in our craft and can provide several essential fine art framing services for the residents of Flemington, NJ. For starters, we can repair or restore excellent frames already in existence. Furthermore, we can design and customize new frames for your artwork.

Fine art framing requires intense skill and knowledge. It takes a combination of Old World technique and the most recent modern technology to provide results as stimulating as the artwork the frame is to embrace. The work we do at ART of FRAMING is not motivated by mere solitary income, but by a passion that drives the most dedicated in our industry. We are passionate about fine art and equally passionate about the frames we can create to embellish these priceless objects.